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Benefits of Expunging your Criminal Record

There are multiple reasons to pursue expungement of your criminal background.

What Are the advantages of an Expungement?
Expungement is a legal process that releases a person from almost all of the “penalties and disabilities” that are linked with a criminal conviction.

You successfully completed probation for your offense; and
You either didn’t serve amount of time in state prison for your offense, or served amount of time in state prison but would have served the time in county jail after realignment under Proposition 47.
For most cases, you will be necessary to file a petition with a court in the county where you were convicted to start the expungement process. However, following the legalization of recreational marijuana, the California Department of Justice has begun the procedure of sealing and reviewing all past marijuana convictions that are no more considered crimes. Visit: for more details

There are a number of benefits to getting your criminal history expunged. Included in these are:

Employers cannot discriminate against you when trying to get a job based on an expunged conviction;
It may be better to get yourself a professional license;
An expunged conviction can’t be used to challenge your credibility as a witness (if you don’t are being prosecuted for another crime); and
You might avoid deportation or other immigration consequences if you are not a citizen.
Although there are many benefits to expungement, there are a few limitations to the process. Expungement cannot restore your gun rights if you have been convicted of an felony offense, and it cannot end the necessity to register as a sex offender. Expunged convictions may also be employed by prosecutors if you are charged with another crime, such concerning request an increased sentence. Expungement will not overturn the revocation or suspension of your driver’s license. Furthermore, an expunged conviction for a “strike” offense under California’s Three Strikes Rule continues to be considered a strike.

The first and most clear benefit is the ability to pass a background check. Once your conviction is expunged, your background check should show no signs of the conviction. These background checks are prevalent when seeking employment or housing and a conviction can limit your alternatives. Criminal records are public, therefore the sealing of your records could keep anyone from knowing about your past mistake. This includes employers, possible employers, insurance firms, and lenders.

A couple of other great things about expungement. Some professional licenses aren’t open to someone with a conviction on the record. Expungement can open doors to a job you might have regarded as closed forever. Additionally, under certain circumstances, expungement may help restore your to own and possess firearms.

The website itself even admits that if you try to do this with out a lawyer, you will still be held to the same knowledge, wisdom, and tools that legal representatives are, AND in case you submit everything correctly, the OSBI may still reject your expungement.

Don’t leave your own future in the hands of these and also require been those to put you what your location is.

When you have a criminal history and you think that influences your custody arrangement, Rand & Gregory Attorneys at Law Fayetteville would be able to use your expungement in that case, too.

A criminal defense legal professional can help you with the process of expungement. This consists of checking to make sure that you are qualified to receive expungement, filing the appropriate paperwork with the neighborhood court, and meeting the deadlines for expungement proceedings. For example, a prosecutor must have at least 15 days’ notice of any expungement hearing in order to review the case and object if indeed they choose to take action. Your attorney can make sure that the prosecutor has notice. Finally, your attorney can attend the expungement hearing on your behalf.