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Health Benefits of Soaking in a Hot Tub

Olympic SPA has been at the forefront of educating customers to the countless health benefits of hot tubbing for over two decades, since their beginnings as a Pacific Northwest retailer in 1977. Health and wellness remain Olympic’s focus today.

There are so many amazing health advantages from regular soaks in a spa. While you immerse yourself in a huge body of hot water, your body immediately responds physiologically. Buoyancy provides relief to achy joints and muscles, heat boosts circulation, increasing heart rate and naturally lowering blood circulation pressure, and vascular dilation helps ease pain from tension headaches.

And that’s just the beginning. Many reports have been done over the years that contain shown hot tubbing helps manage many chronic conditions, helping with pain management, reducing the need for medication, and helping the body better regulate its ecosystem to protect against disease.

Here are some more health benefits associated with soaking in a spa:

Adults with type 2 diabetes can drop their glucose levels by up to 13 percent with regular hot tub soaks for thirty minutes a day, based on a study in the brand new England Journal of Medicine. In fact, one participant could reduce insulin by 18 percent after only 10 days of hot tubbing!
If you want rest from arthritis, a hot tub can help. Results of a report showed regular spa use good for those managing the effects of osteoarthritis. After just three weeks, participants saw a drop in the inflammatory agents that distress and joint destruction. The National Arthritis Foundation even recommends Hot Tubs.
Hot tubbing is wonderful for your heart! This is especially great for individuals who may have physical limitations due to injury or weight that may prevent regular exercise. While not an alternative, the upsurge in heart rate provides some of the same physiological benefits of exercise and gets your heart pumping positively.
Who doesn’t need to discover a way to de-stress? Getting outside in nature for just two hours a week has been shown to aid in stress, and what better way to commune with nature than in the bubbly steaming waters of your hot tub? When you soak, the body naturally increases its dopamine production, one of your body’s feel-good chemicals. There’s a reason you slide yourself into a spa and elicit that “Aaaaahhh!”
That dopamine production coupled with heat does wonders to help you sleep better, particularly if you spa about 45 minutes before bedtime. As the body cools down, it signals the human brain that it’s time to rest. Studies also have shown that a hot tub before slumber gives you for doing that all-important REM deep sleep faster. You could see that you’ll get a much more restful night’s sleep, with a reduced chance of getting up in the center of the night.
Over 80 percent of Americans have problems with chronic back pain. So when you couple the massaging jets in a spa with heat, you relieve tension and increase circulation to the muscles on either side of your spine. In Hot Spring Spas, the patented Moto-Massage DX jets sweep along to massage those muscles on either side of your spine. Because the jet isn’t stationary, it affords the body an opportunity to sit before them for a good period without feeling the need to move, giving the body an excellent opportunity to break up tension and relieve pain.
Those are just the beginning of myriad physical benefits you’ll enjoy from regular spa use. Your emotional well-being gets much-needed attention from warm water too.